Wire EDM Spinning | EDM Turning | Micro-Turning

In addition to PMi2’s more conventional Wire EDM Machining processes, PMi2 has developed expertise in the specialized Wire EDM Spinning process. EDM Spinning is sometimes referred to as EDM turning, EDM grinding, or EDM micro-turning.

EDM Spinning involves fixturing a workpiece in a machine tool spindle and submerging it into the tank of the Wire EDM machine. In this manner, a conductive workpiece can be precisely machined in the same way a part is machined on a lathe or grinder, but with the EDM wire used as the cutting tool.

PMi2 uses only the highest quality Hirschmann submersible precision machining spindles and Charmilles Wire EDM machines for the spinning process.

Wire EDM Spinning can be particularly advantageous when:

  • Fine projections, or features with high length to diameter ratios are required, such as in some fine spot-welding electrodes, or electrical probes. These fragile features can be achieved by spinning because there is zero tool pressure during the machining operation. Only the spark touches the workpiece.
  • Contours or grooves are required in hard materials such as carbide, tungsten, molybdenum, or high-speed steel. This can be useful in producing fine wire guides, small stamping punches with nose radii, and carbide forming rolls among many other similar applications.
  • Any turning or grinding operation where tool pressure from a cutting insert or wheel is problematic.
  • High precision turning of small parts, especially where thermal stability is a concern.
  • Low volume and prototype parts that would be suited for swiss turning in higher volumes.

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